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A new look for Hasura Learn with 25+ courses on GraphQL, Databases & Hasura

This article was originally published on the Hasura blog. If there are formatting errors in the article below, we urge you to please go to our blog and read it there. Thanks! :)

One of the earliest products we launched on the heels of launching the Hasura GraphQL Engine, was an educational site called “Hasura Learn” to help developers get up to speed with GraphQL.

A new look for Hasura Learn with 25+ courses on GraphQL, Databases & Hasura
New landing page for Hasura Learn

Our first course was for React Developers to learn the concepts of GraphQL while integrating it into an existing React application. We picked a To Do app (we know, but wait for it…), with a twist: realtime collaboration on public todos to show off realtime collaboration made possible with GraphQL subscriptions, while also having a private to dos board.

Over the last 2 years, we have added over 25 tutorials, as well as Database courses and Hasura courses into the mix.

Today Hasura Learn has courses on:

  1. GraphQL for frontend developers to get hands-on with GraphQL while working within the comfort of their favorite languages, frameworks and popular GraphQL clients (React, Vue, Flutter, React Native, Elm, Flutter etc)
  2. Fullstack GraphQL + Hasura backend courses for a few stacks (NextJS with Hasura) and offline-first applications with RxDB and Unity applications with a Hasura backend.
  3. Database fundamentals for frontend and fullstack devs (Postgres, SQL Server and MySQL)
  4. Hasura courses: Hasura Basics for those just getting started, Hasura Advanced to experience the production ready features that come baked in, as well as Hasura Auth (building a Slack like permissions system) to help understand the authorization engine that comes baked in with Hasura.

A new look for Hasura Learn with 25+ courses on GraphQL, Databases & Hasura
Open Source & Community Maintained Tutorials for GraphQL, Databases & Hasura Developers

These tutorials are open source and are built and maintained with the help of the amazing GraphQL & Hasura community. They have also been built to help fill in the gaps, and not learn everything from scratch - hence our tagline “for the busy developer”. For example, the React + GraphQL tutorial assumes React proficiency and goes into the GraphQL fundamentals alone. With this in mind, our shortest tutorials (GraphQL Basics & Hasura Basics) should take you about 30mins to an hour to complete and all the tutorials should be something you can cover in one sitting (~2 hours to complete).

What’s new with Hasura Learn

Today, we’re very excited to unveil a new look for the site that’s been made to accommodate the expanding number of courses! We intend to invest in this a lot more and build many more courses and keep existing ones up to date to help the community find the best tutorials as they start exploring GraphQL, Databases & Hasura.

Along with the new look, we’re also super excited that we now have 2 of our most popular courses (GraphQL basics & Hasura basics) available in Mandarin and Japanese. We will be translating these into more languages as well based on the interest from the community.

A new look for Hasura Learn with 25+ courses on GraphQL, Databases & Hasura
Hasura Learn courses are available in Japanese & Mandarin in addition to English

Finally we have updated our React course to use React18, updated our NextJS course to use the latest version of Apollo Client and Next.js 11 and have brand new SQL Server and MySQL courses.

What’s next for Hasura Learn

We intend to build many more courses for other languages & frameworks, newer GraphQL clients, more databases, and many more sample applications with Hasura. In fact we’re hiring a GraphQL & Education Advocate at Hasura for exactly this reason :).

We’ll also be looking to work with the community more closely, and we’ll share more about this soon! If you’re someone who’d like to build new courses for your favourite stacks that you don’t find here or help us translate the courses into other languages, reach out to us on our community Discord on the #contrib channel to let us know what you’d like to see and we’d love to work with you (we will compensate you for your time)!

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