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OSS @Hasura: October Digest

OSS at Hasura

At Hasura we 💜 open source contributions. We want to make the experience of contributing as smooth as possible. In our monthly digest we inform about issues that can be easily picked up and that will be especially beneficial for the Hasura community. We're doing our best to make sure that all required information is provided, but should there be any issues, you can always reach out for help.

This month, we have the following issues:

Hasura server (Haskell)

We have recently changed our internal server architecture with our famous PDV (Parse, don't validate) refactor.
This codeflow shows how GraphQL queries are executed in the PDV model. It might be a good resource to read before contributing to the Hasura server.

As for server issues, we have the following open ones that are suitable for OSS contributions:

Setting up the dev environment for the server

Check out the contributing guide for information on how to set up the development environment for the Hasura server.

Hasura CLI (Go)

Add command to reset migrations

We'd like to add a command that clears the history of the migrations on the server and clear the local migrations, as described in this issue.

If you're interested in working on this issue, please comment on the issue.

Setting up the dev environment for the CLI

Check out the contributing guide for information on how to set up the development environment for the Hasura CLI.

Hasura console (TypeScript & React)

Adding code snippets to GraphiQL code exporter

We're very excited that we've already had some contributions to add code snippets to the GraphiQL code exporter.
We'd like to add more code snippets, as described in this issue.
Those code snippets can be in any language or frameworks. You can comment on the issue telling us in which language / framework you'd like to add a code snippet for, to avoid duplicate work.

Migrating from JavaScript to TypeScript

We are so excited that so far we've had almost 40 PRs from the open source community that helped us migrating our Hasura console from JavaScript to Typescript.
There are still a few modules left to be migrated. If you're interested, check out this issue. If you'd like to work on a module or if you have any questions, please comment on the issue.

Open "Good first issues"

We also have a few open good first issues for anyone who wants to contribute to the Hasura console component. You can find the list of these issues here.

Setting up the dev environment for the console

To find instructions about the local development setup, head to the contributing guide for the Hasura console.

Learn tutorials

You might be familiar with our Hasura Learn Tutorials. We're looking for full-stack devs who can help us build our new JAMstack Learn series for the following frameworks:

  • Gatsby.js
  • Next.js
  • Nuxt.js

Writing quality tutorials is an elaborate task and we pay our contributors for it. If you're someone who likes writing tutorials and building web apps with any of the above frameworks, you can reach out to Praveen at

Need help?

If you have questions about contributing or if something is not clear, please comment on the issue you'd like to work on. Alternatively, you can join our Discord channel and ask on the #contrib channel.

Community call

Join our community call on the 30 of November where we'll announce some amazing new features and product updates! Check out the full agenda and register for the call here.

We hope to see you there!

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