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Harry Dennen • Edited

(A non-accusatory translation of deleted's post)

"I think I can help. If giving credit card details is a concern, I have some ideas for how to contribute financially that should address most safety concerns.

  • use a pre-paid card for the $1 per month.
  • verify the code on the to see if it's proper Stripe or PayPal etc code and meets safety standards.
  • get a low limit card to use for online purchases. My wife and I do this so we don't have to stress if it gets compromised.

Your concern is a valid one, and I definitely feel like there are plenty of options to explore if one really wants to contribute."

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Paulo Renato

That's the way to go when addressing others, no matter if in the internet or in person.

I need to see if I can get a service in UK that provides one off credit cards.

Limited credit cards can be an option but still means that if you get them compromised you will need to go to a lot of trouble with your bank and card issuer regarding unauthorized use of it... Ask anyone who had to go through this several times and they will tell how pleasant is.


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