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phpMyAdmin Alternatives (Web based SQL Client)

hdrxs312 profile image Suhendro ・1 min read

So I want to share a little experience.

For those of you who have just learned programming and the language that PHP has learned, you must be familiar with XAMPP.

Now, when installing XAMPP, you must have included it for database management using phpMyAdmin.

In appearance it is good. But when our source code is uploaded to the server, it will be very inconvenient if we have to install XAMPP or phpMyAdmin.

So I found a web-based SQL Client that I use until now. His name is Adminer (website:

The way to run the admin is very simple:

There is a PHP web server on your laptop (you can use XAMPP, or NGINX)

Download the adminer.php file on the official website.
Put the file in the htdocs folder.

Open it via a browser at the address http: //localhost/adminer.php

Apart from being practical because it only takes 1 php file, Adminer also supports many DB types such as PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLServer, etc. Please check the official website.

Oh yes, in appearance this Admin is not really bad. In fact, I like its simplicity. Just download the theme we like, and ...

Alt Text

Indonesian version you can go to my Vosy.Net article here -> alternatif phpMyAdmin

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