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What up. I'm Noah. I live in the Tacoma area (south of Seattle) and work even further south. I work as an Application Developer using mostly ASP.NET (still running web forms [I know I know...]) with a bunch of SQL database stuff and basic JQuery and JavaScript tied in here and there. I've dabbled in MVC (and we're eventually moving towards .NET Core MVC as well as moving to a cloud base), and have some experience in AngularJS (1.6+ but not Angular2), HTML, CSS, other JavaScript functionality, some SUPER basic API stuff and that's all for the code side.

I want to be a better coder. I want to have a better understanding on where and how things started and where things are going in the future and I want to be involved but I am seriously overwhelmed by it all about 94% of the time. And honestly, feel super lost without some guidance on what I really should be doing. So I come here. I read stuff. I hope to get a little bit of this and that on the side while learning-by-doing on-the-job.

I just started snowboarding again after nearly 10 years. I play guitar. I write sometimes, sometimes I play PlayStation, and I have some kids who keep my busy.

Say hi. Be my mentor. Flip me off. Whatever. I'm just really looking forward to expanding my knowledge by talking to people.

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