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What can you do in one year ?

Where do you see in one year? I asked myself this question last year, because at the time I felt I was loose and let me explain why ?

In December of 2018 I graduate from college . But at the time I didn't know what kind of software developer I wanted to be. I knew how to code but to be honest I didn't have any demanding skills (not react, node, android, swift, spring, or anything similar to it) I knew basic JavaScript, html, css. Some Python and java. I was really good at algorithms and data structures, I could create my own merge sort algorithm (hopefully I still can ),I also played with some AI, some image processing and some data mining as well but I didn’t know what to do, until I was able to decide.

Last year around February /April I decided that I wanted to be a web developer. But now I had to choose between being a front end developer or a back end developer. After some time I found out that I really enjoyed both. The back end is challenging. You have to deal with databases, sessions, user authentication, user authorization , third parties api, asynchronous tasks and more. It feels like being the architect of a building that only a few are lucky to see. On the other hand the front end is more creative. (Don't get me wrong, you still need to be a really logical person) You can choose the visual structure of the website like what colors to use, what effects to apply, how the page will be seen on different dispositives . In other words work in the front end can make you feel like a Picasso (except when you tried to arrange something in css, in that case I feel like Alice in wonderland , at least that is my case . praise the goods for the grid and flexbox)

When I decided I wanted to become a web developer I started to learn as much as I could about it, after 2 weeks I thought I was ready to create my own website (I was wrong) anyhow I somehow make it look presentable.

here is a link if you wanted to see it

Current situation

After 8 months I thought It was time to update my website, but instead I will use some of the tools i used on my daily basis, and also it will be a good idea to try to learn a new technology . For the past month I have been playing with Gatsby. At the beginning I didn't see what was the big deal of it, but after playing for a while I started to see why it is a good tool to learn. Once I was pretty decent using it I decided to put a little challenge myself.

My challenge would be to create a new website in less than half of the time it took me the first time. After 1 week and a half I was able to create a presentable website. Still has a lot of work to do and I will keep updating it. But if I compare the old website with the new website I prefer the new one. It has a better look. The user interface is much better, and the images load a lot faster (thanks Gatsby).


One year may look like a lot of time, but in reality it is not. You will be surprised how fast it goes, but if you keep learning something new everyday, you will be surprised, last year I never thought I was going to become a web developer (I still need to learn a lot, and I'm okay knowing that I will take some time before I become an expert ) but for sure I am excited about what the future can bring.

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