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Free Planning Poker React App

Happy to share that my open source Planning Poker app is ready to use now.



Free / Open source Planning Poker Web App to estimate user stories for your Agile/Scrum teams. Create a session and invite your team members to estimate user stories efficiently.

How to use it?.

It should be self explanatory on how to use the app, but just in case if you get stuck somewhere, below instructions should help!


  1. Create new Session β€” In the home page, Enter session name and your name, and Click on Create button. Your new session should be ready to use now.
  2. Invite your team members β€” Once you create the session, use the Invite button in session to copy the invite link and send it to your team members.
    Once they receive invite link they can join the session by entering their name in the invite link, session ID will be auto populated.

  3. Vote β€” Once all team members join the session, they can vote/provide estimate for the user story by clicking on the card.

  4. Voting Status β€” Voting status will be displayed in the user card with emoji- πŸ‘ β€” for Voting Done, πŸ€” β€” for Yet to Vote.

  5. Result- to see the voting results, moderator can click on the Reveal button to see all team members voting. If someone didn’t vote, you will see thinking face.

  6. Restart β€” To start estimate for next user story, moderator can click on Restart button which should reset voting.

  7. Exit β€” Once you Refinement/Planning team members can leave the session by clicking on Exit button

  8. Recent Sessions β€” Both Moderator and team members can re-use the same session by accessing it from the Recent Sessions section in the home page. To keep environment friendly please use recent sessions as much as possible.

That’s it, as simple as it is. Start using the App with your teams now.

If you would like to contribute to the App, you are more than welcome. Visit the github repo here:

Tech Stack: React, Material-ui, Firestore, Firebase

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