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5 Reason to use React Js

Simple to learn

ReactJS is much simpler to learn when you compare it with other popular frontend frameworks like Angular & Vue. It’s actually one of the main reasons React gained so much attraction in a very short time.

Awesome User Interface

User interface quality also plays an important role. A high quality UI app has better chances of gaining traction. When it comes to ReactJS, it contains declarative components that help in building high-quality, rich user interfaces.

Custom Hooks/Components

React JSX, an optional syntax extension that allows you to write custom components for any react js development company, create high-volume applications, and turn HTML mockups into React Element trees.

Rendering Fast

It’s better to pre-define the structure while developing a complex app. ReactJS uses a DOM model, a tree structure in which any changes made at higher level will not impact the user interface of the application.Easy to test each module and upgrade without affecting another module

SEO Lovable

Page load time is considerable reduced with ReactJs, hence loved by SEO.

Bonus Tip

Support across Community

A huge number of individual React JS developers are contributing towards the ReactJS community and making it a fantastic frontend framework.

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