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Updates from the 84th meeting of TC39

There were several items on the agenda, this post mainly focuses on feature proposals and their progress.

Stage 4:

Stage 3:

  • Array find from last: Proposal for .findLast() and .findLastIndex() methods on array and typed array.

  • Intl Enumeration API List supported values of options in pre-existing ECMA 402 API, returns supported values of options, such as timeZone, calendars, numbering systems, currencies, units.

  • Intl.NumberFormat Additional features for Intl.NumberFormat to solve key pain points.

Stage 1:


Presented at #TC39 meeting about renaming "Strawperson" aka "Stage-0" to "Concept" or something better, got consensus from the committee to remove the entire column.

Well, names might be appealing but numbers are more closer.

Feeling happy about this! 🤓

— Hemanth.HM (@GNUmanth) July 14, 2021

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