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Updates from the 87th meeting of TC39

There were several items on the agenda, this post focuses on feature proposals and their progress from the meeting that was held between December 14th-15th, 2021.

Stage 4:

  • Extend TimeZoneName Options: Extend the timeZoneName option in Intl.DateTimeFormat object to support more formatted options.

  • Intl.DisplayNames v2: Adding more display names to the already favorite DisplayNames object, allowing more "items" to be displayed in a localized manner.

Stage 3:

Stage 2:

  • Array.fromAsync: Like Array.from but it converts an async iterable (or a sync iterable of promises) to a promise that will resolve to an array.
  • RegExp Modifiers: Capability to control a subset of regular expression flags imsx.
  • RegExp Buffer Boundaries: Buffer Boundaries also allow you to match the start/end of a line and the start/end of the input in a single RegExp using the m flag.

Stage 1:


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