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Magento 2 Auto Currency Switcher by FMEextensions

Magento 2 auto currency switcher by FMEextensions is a highly useful Magento 2 extension which automatically changes the store's language & currency based on the visitor's location. The extension first auto detects every visitor's location from their IP and then redirects them to a personalized store view. This functionality allows Magento 2 users to browse the store in their regional language and also make purchases in local currency. This ultimately improves overall customer's shopping experience.

Apart from the basic language & currency switching functionality, Magento 2 auto currency switcher offers other useful features. One of them is manual switching. The extension allows customers who do not want automatic redirection to manually select the store to switch to. Magento 2 language switcher also allows IP exceptions to exempt some customers from redirection at all.

Features - Magento 2 Currency Switcher

Some of the features of this extension are highlighted below.

  • Auto detect visitor's location
  • Auto currency & language switching
  • Allows auto & manual switching
  • Supports IP exceptions
  • Import Geo location database
  • Prompt box in footer allows users to change currency manually
  • Create groups of countries and assign countries for Geo targeting

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