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Magento 2 FAQ Module by FMEextensions

Providing answers to frequently asked questions is important particularly if it's an online store. Customers may have got many questions related to products, shipping, refund policy etc. Until they get clear answers to their questions and remove their ambiguities, they are not going to make purchases on the store. One way to get their questions answered is to have them contact the customer support department. This method is time consuming and generally not preferred by customers.

An easier way is to list all the possible FAQs on the product or dedicated FAQ page and provide answers to them. Customers can search for their specific FAQ without having to contact the support team.

With Magento 2 FAQ module by FMEextensions, you can add product related FAQs on the product page. It also allows you to create a separate FAQ page. To make search and navigation easier, you can divide the FAQs in different categories/topics and enable the search feature. Using FAQ block,you can display FAQs anywhere on a page.

Main Features of Magento 2 FAQ Extension

  • Create unlimited FAQs & display them on product page
  • Create a dedicated FAQs page
  • Display FAQs in accordion style
  • Divide FAQs in topics
  • Import/Export FAQs
  • Use FAQ block
  • SEO friendly

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