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Magento 2 Product Image Zoom

Magento 2 product image zoom extension by FME improves customer's shopping experience. It allows you to add a zoom magnifier to product images and let customers the ability to have a closer look at them. With this extension, customers can zoom in, using multiple magnifier types to see products from multiple angles and study the make, material, model and other details of the product images. Clear product images help greatly in increasing store's revenue.

Magento 2 product zoom offers lightbox feature with a bunch of customization settings. It allows customers to see a full preview of an image. They can enable previous/next arrow buttons, image rotation, and configure transition effects etc.It also offers the following magnifier types.

  • Basic Zoom
  • Tint
  • Inner Zoom
  • Lens Zoom
  • Easing
  • Fade in/ Fade out
  • Custom magnifier....

Magento 2 Product Image Zoom - Features Highlights

Following are some of the features of this Magento 2 zoom extension.

  • Multiple magnifier types
  • Lightbox with customization settings
  • Create rules to allow zoom features on specific products
  • Restrict zooming functionality to specific store views
  • Limit zoom feature to customer groups
  • Image Zoom option for Mobile View

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