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Tim Apple

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Thinking about coding

So I have been thinking a lot, well actually planning on changing careers. My current job, though my employer is outstanding, provides me with feeling of, well, just blah.

I really would love to move towards programming or engineering. Maybe even a hybrid. I've bought myself a year of Codecademy and also have a subscription at Linux Academy which is at a pretty good discount due to my veteran status. I hope both of these will provide me with what I need to get started.

At this point everything is about choosing a path. In Codecademy they have a more generic computer science path, a web development path, and a data science path. I started the Web Development path first, I find HTML remarkably boring. I don't know if everyone does, or if it's just me. This made me look closer at the Data Science path. But in all reality I'm still unsure. Sometimes having choices is not good. I am thinking of doing the beginning of each path to see which one I seem to want to continue the most.

On the Linux Academy side I have started their Scripting Automation For SysAdmins path. I like this since it starts by teaching Vim. On a side note, I am using the Vim editor in Standardnotes to write this post.

So I will publish this post to Twitter and Mastodon, maybe even Linkedin. I hope others will read it and offer me some input or share the path they took. Any guidance would be great. I think the thing I may be missing is a mentor. I know no one else that is either a Linux geek like me starting to code or who can help guide and motivate me.


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Hi Tim

I'm sure that you have progressed since you this is your first post i think.

As for beginners, my advice is to

A: not give up(as in keep learning and pushing for understanding)
B: build something that you would like to use yourself or find a small project where it solves a solution.

took me two years of focus to get from QA to FrontEnd development, so just don't give up.

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Tim Apple

Thanks for the advice Anthony. I started a bootcamp with Vets Who Code recently. So progressing for sure. So much to