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Cypress - setup to reports, USEFUL MATERIALS

Cypress is a fantastic testing tool. And for me, the best part, it is written in JavaScript. So all of my code can be in the same language. The problem is that it is a bit low on a practical guide area. It is especially noticeable in areas about setup and reports. Many are outdated, and many things depend on a specific version. Below are some of my guides for setting up an environment for testing and reports.

Getting started – initial Cypress setup

In this article, you can find out how to install Cypress and set it up for testing. Once you do that, you can set it up for running against different environments.

Cypress reports

When it comes to Cypress reports, you can go with a popular solution that might be more complex to set up and use the following three articles for that. The first one talks about how to generate mochawesome report. Since every site generates separate reports, the next article describes how to merge them into one.

If this is too complex, and you don’t want to install multiple dependencies, you can use the cypress-dashboard package. With this one, you get a dashboard report by just installing one dependency. Here is a guide on that.

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