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Why did you guys use Preact instead of React. The main motivation?


If I remember right, Ben once said that performance is the most important part of UX, and Preact delivers that. Also he doesn't like Facebook. Feel free to correct me if I made a mistake here. 🙂

Yes, it's an app where 90% of the traffic is people just coming here to read a server-rendered article. While we have interactions, we mostly just want to get people started on what they came here to do as quickly as possible.

But also I really believe that Preact's creator @_developit cares about the same things I do, so as things evolve in the future I just feel like things are in good hands.

Does that mean it is server side rendering? I'm just practising node.js/express.js with EJS templates so just curious.

Sorry if this was amateur question

No such thing as too amateur, whatever that even means. Yeah, server-side rendering using "old-school" Rails html.erb files. I believe those is are EJS is inspired by, so pretty much the same thing I think.

Ooh Cool, with EJS I seem to work on the standard tech right now

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