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Hi, I'm mobile developer in Japan.

I make iPhone/iPad apps as my office work and private work.

My representative work is ALPACA, photo-related app.
ALPACA is the app that helps you delete photos in iPhone/iPad quickly.
This app group similar photos automatically. You can delete photo grouped except you picked as left.

This app is loved by people that take many pictures of babies, pets, and selfies.

I'd like to post iOS dev tips in English. (I'm studying English!)
I'll write about UIKit, Swift, Layout System(Auto Layout&UIStackView), and etc.

Please follow me if you have interested in iOS dev. Thank you!

*I'm studying English. If you notice English mistake, please tell me in the comments.

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I'm mobile developer in Japan. My self introduction is here. https://dev.to/himaratsu/self-introduction-48h2