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Preparing for Coding Interview using InterviewBit with C++ (DAY - 1) (STL lessons)

Today's topic: STL
YouTube Link: CodesBay STL
Pre-requisites: Basic Knowledge of C++

Coding interviews are boring it seems. Specially for developers like me who love to create instead of solving puzzles.

To grow as a developer algorithms and data structures seem to be an important part of the journey plus the benefits of the better jobs it provides thanks to the poor judgement of candidates by HRs and Tech Companies.

I started this journey today using a primer of STL using this fantastic short tutorial by CodeBay from YouTube (CodesBay STL). Go check it out.

Today I did my lessons for around 3 hours. The topics which I covered are:

  1. Vectors, List and Algorithm
  2. Map, Multimaps
  3. Erase, Remove
  4. Sets, Multisets
  5. Comparators
  6. Queues, Stacks & Priority Queues.

You can find the code for today's lesson on 00 - STL

Do check it out. Its fairly simple.

P.S. To run the exercises, install NodeJS and MinGW (for windows). Then install Nodemon using npm i -g nodemon. In the folder that contains nodemon.json, simply run nodemon. This will make your code run in a watch mode. Which means your code generates itself automatically once you save.

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