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Throughput in Performance Testing

Throughput is one of the key metrics in performance testing. It's used to check how many requests a software will be able to process per second, per minute or hour.

As a rule, every test plan has a throughput goal. The more realistic it will be, the more precise result you will get.

So, what factors are important for accurate load characteristics?

  • Users' profiles and quantity. Who will access your software or service: shoppers, buyers, admin?
  • Behavior scenarios. Different users may perform different actions: purchase products, submit forms or check service operation.
  • Pauses and delays. We all need some time to absorb the information. But even during such pauses, the system still sweeps sessions and closes ports.
  • Connection types. Different network connection types influence system response and users experience with the software.

Realistic throughput in performance testing helps to design realistic tests and properly evaluate whether your product can reach the expected goals or not.

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