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Types of Software Testing and Their Impact on Your Product Quality

akh profile image Alex K. Originally published at Medium ・1 min read

Most of you may probably know what software testing is and why it’s so important. But what about the exact types of testing which are a must for a successful product release?

Software testing types can be grouped not only by the testing objectives and quality criteria but also by the factors, closely connected to the software development life-cycle.

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Summing up

After reading the article you may think that yes, there are plenty of software testing types that directly impact the end product quality, your reputation on the market, income in the long run and, thus, cannot be neglected. Even more, you’d better focus on complex software testing, integrating various software testing types to build a single system for an in-depth product check.
The next step is to define whether to run QA in-house or find a vendor specializing in it.

It would be even better to say finding not just a vendor but a partner able to advise on the right testing types for your particular case, who shares your values and works to nurture trusted long-term partnerships instead of peddling additional checks to earn more.

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