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Exment - Laravel Open Source Web Database Solution

Hi! I'm Hiroshi Sato, and representative Kajitori Co., Ltd.

We want to introduce Open Source Solution "Exment".

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Exment is web database and Open Source Solution based Laravel.
The concept is "Web system that can manage anything".

When you manage a lot of data on company or organization, maybe you use Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheet.

Alt Text

But, you keep to use these softwares, maybe you will happen big issues.

Problems when managing with multiple people

If some employees manage this data, maybe happens these problems.

Inputs wrong data

Ex. sheet column is "contract price", But somebody inputs "customer name".

Mess of multiple files

Ex. Want to manage "customer data", but before you know it, creates these files,

- customer_data.xslx
- customer_data2.xslx
- customer_data_new.xslx
- customer_data_reallynew.xslx
- customer_data_20210102.xslx
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Can you select newest customer file?? Perhaps, we cannot.

Break file

Sometimes, Microsoft excel file is broken. So, We rollback or create file again. It's too lost time.

Difficult to utilize the entered data

If you want to use other system or data, but it's difficult.

Ex, you have "customer" excel file, and you want to use other accounting system, but it's difficult. Maybe, you have to input accounting system watching "customer" excel file.

Too expensive existing system

So, you want to append existing web database system, for example, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics.
But, it's too expensive, for small and medium-sized enterprises, ex. startup project or venture company.

Developed OpenSource System

So we developed web database system, AS OPEN SOURCE.

Alt Text

Exment is Open Source Solution based Laravel. License is GPL-3.0. Please see GitHub.


Data List

Showing data list on browser.
Alt Text

Data Show and Edit

If user clicks data row, showing data detail, and edit.
Of course, user can create data.
Alt Text

Data Search

User can search all data.
And user can search relation. For example, showing "estimate" list related "customer".
Alt Text

Table Definition

System administrator can append table definition. Append-modify-delete table, append-modify-delete table's column, etc.
Alt Text


A lot of Functions

Exment has a loooooot of functions and can use free.

  • Web database definition change
  • Data list display
  • Data addition / editing / display
  • Batch import / output of data
  • Data update settings
  • Composite unique key settings
  • Compare two columns
  • Data interlocking setting
  • Related refinement settings
  • Document output (Excel format)
  • Data sharing
  • Restore deleted data
  • Dashboard
  • Calendar view
  • Aggregate view
  • template
  • Authority management
  • Add your own plugin
  • Addition of original document format
  • Web database template management
  • Notification processing
  • Data replication
  • automatic numbering
  • Value calculation on the screen
  • Data and system backup / restore
  • Change login method (Google account, Office365 account ...)
  • API cooperation
  • Data view sort order setting
  • Workflow
  • etc....

Append function as Plugin

And we can append function as Plugin(such as WordPress).
If use it, we can execute such as functions.

  • If we want to append function as "Search YouTube play, like, dislike result", Append Page Plugin.
    YouTube Search

  • If you want to append function about clicking button on customer data page, and when clicking button calls syncing customer data to other system (Ex. accounting, task, estimate system - Not Exment), we can append Button Plugin.
    Alt Text

Developers only develop you want to expand function.
If we develop as full scratch system, we need very very high cost and time. But we use Exment as platform, we only save very low them.
And Exment adopts language PHP, and framework laravel. A lot of engineer can develop PHP, so it's easy developing expanding plugin.
We also show how to develop and upload plugin. Please see here.

Operate on On-Premiss environment

Now many systems operate on crowd environment. But, some data or companies cannot use crowd, because ex. confidential data.
Exment can operate On-Premiss environment, and can operate "Completely blocked" On-Premiss environment.
So Exment can adopt those some data or companies easily.

And, Exment operates LAMP, So very easy setting up environment.


Exment is very useful and powerful and can expand system.
Please install, use, feedback, and pull requests!

We are Japanese and now using Exment users are almost Japanese. We support English and has English manual, but maybe English is wrong, sorry. Please tell us wrong English.

We WANT Exment to be like WordPress.
WordPress is very very major, useful, and can expand system.
We want Exment to do the same in the field of web databases. We are convinced that it is a system with such a future.

Thanks reading this post!!!


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