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re: Great Pointers Hitesh!! With a proper title and appropriate tags, the blog can attract a lot of people. P.S: โ€˜#androidโ€™ is an irrelevant tag to t...

Thanks for pointing it out, I didn't put it intentionally.


Yeah. I also thought so. Now the blog title and tags makes a lot of sense. ๐Ÿ‘

Was reading articles tagged with android and was thrown in confusion in the first time when I read the blog.

Thanks for understanding, I am an Android application developer and I just started to write about Android, but this is something about of syllabus and its not my word but its something which touch my heart so I decided to put it on dev.to but due to hurry I couldn't cross check all the thing and I made mistake, sorry for that, and Thanks again for draw my attention.

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