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Discussion on: Stop Guessing: What is a JWT?

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H Lee

If using refresh tokens, when would you refresh it? Would your application have a timer that lasts the duration of the JWT and automatically uses the refresh token when the timer reaches zero, or would you keep using the JWT until an error comes back then use the refresh token? Thanks.

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Steve Cruz Author

That is a great question. We keep using the access token (the name our JWT has when we are also dealing with refresh tokens) until it expires. Afterwards we use the refresh token with an authentication service to generate another access token (JWT) so your second assumption is correct.

How does it know that our JWT expired? In the payload we include the iat (issued at) claim with a value that is the date and time of when it was generated. Afterwards this IAT claim is compared with the exp (expiration) claim to determine if it should be accepted. If it is rejected what I wrote above happens.