How to run Ruby on Rails with Windows 10 and WSL 1

Hector Minaya on October 30, 2019

Today I saw a twitter thread from DHH, which reminded me that even great developers struggle once in a while 👇 ... [Read Full]
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Thank you for sharing DHH's tweet. It's really good to see that our "dev heroes" are struggling with the same things as we do. And concerning Microsoft - looks like the days of "cancerous Linux" are long gone now. I really like the new Microsoft.


Yeap, they too get stuck, google, hang out on stackoverflow.


WSL is one of the most useful features for developers (and non-developers!) included on Windows 10.

I've been using the new Windows Terminal for this purpose too, but actually to run a Hanami server :P It also supports Jekyll pretty nice and other server-side tools and frameworks that you usually see on Linux or Mac. So, welcome back to the developers environment, Windows.


Did you have issues setting up the database? SQLite isn't an issue, but I've tried to get both MySQL and Postgres working to no avail.

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