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Hi Kyle,

I have TV-screen where we simply run our web-app on react. I have found out that fps starts slowly go down after ~10-15 minutes. It can loose 5-7fps per hour. App starts with 58fps and goes down to 52fps in one hour.

I had a test where I have webpack + App which renders empty div. This simple app starts to loose fps in 10 minutes after launch.

Is react suitable for apps which suppose to run without clicks and refreshes for hours? (is it problem of my app or the problem of react? Is there anything what could help me?

My backup plan is to refresh the page every hour, but I am looking for a better solution.



Hey Julia, although this is more of a react than react native question I’ll see if I can help point you in the right direction. This definitely seems quite unusual and isn’t standard for react to see this.

To me it sounds like some form of leak, e.g registering event listeners that don’t get unassigned, or some recursive hell. Did you try compiling your app in production mode and running the output with a simple http-server? Also, have you tried running in chrome and inspecting memory and cpu usage?


I have tests not only on dev but also on production of other product, which has the same results. FPS slowly goes down in some time.
This is why I raised the question if react suits for such products.

Probably, there is a problem in a set-up somewhere and react is not involved in the problem at all.

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