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How to get better at CSS as a beginner

One fine day, You start Web development looking at some cool websites and feel like yeah I wanna try making something awesome like this. You start with HTML , It's easy and then you encounter CSS. You try doing it and you start to feel overwhelmed and decide to quit Web development. Don't worry you aren't the only one who feels this way. When I started Web development I felt this way too.
So how do you overcome this feeling?
Well I am certainly not a professional just a guy who was struggling like you.
This are few things I tried to get better at CSS

  1. Do not dwell on basics for too long. I know we try to remember the syntax and all the basics but it does not matter. You are gonna google the stuff anyway. Just understand what's happening and move on. You will understand all that when you practice it.

  2. Do not try to learn 10 different things at the same time. Focus on one thing at a time. Practice it. Understand it. Don't memorize the syntax. You aren't gonna remember all of that anyway. Remember you always have google.

3 Practice, Practice And Practice.
You probably heard a lot of people say this to you and got stuck
like you and wonder what do you do for practice. How do I get
better at this. Well just make some landing pages . 1 day 1
design and you will learn so much. For example you could start
and focus making the whole layout with the help of flex and use
flex everywhere. Look at the design and imagine where you would
use flex , the direction, the alignment and much more.
You will learn much more doing stuff yourself that watching
tutorials and scratching your brain on how to get better at CSS.

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