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🌺 Holly 🌺
🌺 Holly 🌺

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Nevertheless, Holly Coded

I continued to code in 2019 because...

It's the type of work that I'm passionate about. I couldn't imagine myself being any other kind of professional, and I'm loud about coding because I feel that it is so important for women in any male-dominated field to speak out about it and make our presence known.

I deserve credit for...

Launching a massive, multi-million dollar website redesign. I led the tech project team, did the requirements gathering, code reviews, code management, architecture design, and deliverable balancing. It was a very short timeline with a ton of deliverables, and together with my amazing (female) account manager and project manager, we delivered. It was close, but we did it!

I hope to see my school/work/developer/tech community...

Encourage women to get involved in tech. Tech isn't something that you can't do just because you're a woman, and it's time that more women realized this. Give it a try! The worst that happens is that you don't like it. But maybe, just maybe, you'll find a new hobby or even a new career. We need you, and maybe you need tech, too.

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