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I wrote an open source alternative to google analytics using timescaledb and rails and opentresty

Last time I shared some thoughts on Google Analytics, I planned to implement a Google Analytics that can be deployed privately, and after months of trying, I finally finished writing the prototype. It's only the simplest of features at the moment, with some killer features to be added later...

Hypercable Analytics is a fully featured high performance scalable, open source, standalone deployable alternative to Google Analytics, build with timescaledb openresty redis and rails.



demo site


Tested with a 6C cloud server, can handle about 15k rps, can do some more optimizations and compare with open source competitor.

Some roadmap

  • More built-in visual reports
  • Built-in metabase-like interface and SQL custom exploration
  • UI for e-commerce module (data structures are currently supported)

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Carlota Soto

How cool! 💫