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Friday Blast #18

Building blocks of TCP (2016) - this is a chapter in the High Performance Browser Networking book. It deals with some of the behaviours of TCP like flow control, congestion avoidance etc and looks at both historic things as well as newer developments.

The future of the mobile web (2016) #talk - a history lesson and an overview of all sorts of nice APIs coming in (at least as of last year) to help mobile web applications feel more like regular apps. I dare say many of the things have happened and it is more doable to have a regular mobile presence be just a web app in disguise.

How should you build a high performance column store for the 2020s (2017) - a small set of performance advice for people building column stores. Granted, the audience is small, but it’s always interesting to know what goes under the hood of your data system.

A beginners guide to read and write skew phenomena (2015) - the SQL standard defines a bunch of “read phenomena” (dirty read, non-repeatable read, phantom read) and defines isolation levels in terms of how they stop these. But it doesn’t say anything about other types of read or write phenomena. This article covers a bit of the theory of these other phenomena and how they appear or not at various isolation levels.

Software 2.0? (2017) #own - this is one of my own from the last week. It’s about machine learning and it’s role in building software.

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