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Friday Blast #64

Made it to 26 Friday blasts!

Lies programmers believe about calendars (2018) - fun little article about the complexities of dates, times and calendars. The topic’s been covered here before. This stuff is super complex because people keep changing stuff all the time. Almost anything you could think of has a counter example - even time running “forwards”.

The history of infrastructure at Zendesk - constant tradeoffs (2018) - Zendesk seem to be doing a lot of interesting stuff as a “service at scale”. Interesting because of their take on AWS and the constraints they had - which lead to not using it despite several opportunities to get on the bandwagon. Basically they were always a bit bigger that what AWS could offer so it made sense to use something else.

The design and implementation of modern column-oriented database systems (2018) - an overview of a paper I should read at some point. Columnar DBs are the workhorses of analytics workloads. This article covers some design approaches for them. Compression, bitmap indices and even direct operations on compressed columns are some of the key requirements for good/great performance.

Marmaray: an open source generic data ingestion and dispersal framework and library for Apache Hadoop (2018) - Uber’s “data ingestion” library. Uber’s “data system” has been featured on the blog before. It’s interesting in itself - Uber is a big tech company, but with a very narrow focus, so these sorts of systems tend to be very specific to them. It's also good to keep tabs on what the competition is doing. The main problem is that of controlling how data gets “ingested” and stored. There’s multiple producers (Kafka, MySQL, Cassandra etc.) and multiple consumers (S3, HDFS, Cassandra, etc). In order to avoid an NxM problem, Marmaray was designed. It’s a system atop Spark which controls ingestion (reads) and dispersal (writes). It’s also centralised and operated by a single team and offered as a service to other teams.

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