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Friday Blast #88

Technology holy wars are coordination problems (2020) - a point about how and whenholy-wars in technology appear. Basically when there’s multiple competing ecosystems, and choosing one will mean theothers will wither and suffer.

Decomposing functions of many variables to functions of one variable (2020) -Apparently there’s a way to transform multi-variable functions into operations on single-value functions. Seems quiteuncomputable, but it’s an interesting property to have.

Introducing Yelp’s ML platform (2020) - the MLplatform for Yelp. At this point this sort of system is pretty standard at technology companies. I wonder when theK8S of this will appear.

How we migrated application servers from Unicorn to Puma (2020) - Unicorn and Puma are application servers for Ruby. Unicorn is a classical multi-process system, whereas Puma is amulti-threaded one. This is how GitLab migrated from one to the other.

Questionable advice from one very lucky Berkley engineer (2019) - atale from Craig Federigh - SVP at Apple and Berkely alum - about his career journey, choices he’s had to make, and whatworked and what didn’t.

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