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Friday Blast #73

The Soviet license plate game and Kolmogorov complexity (2019) - a fistful of awesome! Won’t spoil it, but it’s also a good example of the difference between something being possible and something being possible and efficient.

Executing a sunset (2019) - about Etsy’s processes around removing products and their data and code. A rarely talked about subject, in this article you’ll get a feel for how Etsy sunsat their Wholesale, Studio and Manufacturing products.

Apple car dreams (2019) - or why Apple isn’t making a car anytime soon. There’s a bunch of good reasons articulated - for it being very different from their core business (in terms of object being produced, size, price etc), having low margins, self-driving being too far away etc. OTOH, the one thing which isn’t addressed is that this would be very in-line with the sort of products Apple is known for - status symbols more than anything.

Presenting to executives (2018) - a nice one from Irrational Exhuberance. Definitely counter-intuitive advice than regular presentation ones.

High availability and scalable reads in PostgreSQL (2018) - details of the streaming replication mechanism in PostgreSQL and how it impacts reads.

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