What are the best Funniest code comments in the source code you have ever found?

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We have surfed the internet and hand-picked a few best code comments that the developers have written in their codes:


Please share your findings if you have any.

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Just wow.

Now I want a monkey, even though I don’t have any hair. You think I can train it to trim my beard....


/* it's not my fault, I don't endorse this code */


// not sure why the F*** this works - don’t touch


// TODO: Write something interesting here

Not sure what program I found this in, but it was during a malware analysis on a desktop we received from a client. I was looking through the strings of every process that was being executed on the machine to see if it'd be malicious. I was analyzing a Windows service when I encountered that comment, so I verified the executable hashes, scanned it in every possible way, just to find out that it is completely genuine. So somewhere, there is a Microsoft developer who left that comment in production code for some background service.


Working on embedded, on a Hard Fault handler.

        /* Wait here until god of death
         * came for us. */

From personal experience, I've seen a maze (made from '-'s and '|'s) at the top and description NONE SHALL PASS!

He/She a Monty Python fan, I guess ;)


I developed a Wordpress plugin once, and I put pokemon names as lorem ipsum in a form there. Making it production-ready, I just removed the pokemons from the actual form but left different pokemon names in comments in different files of the plugin instead.


Immediately came to mind:

// In alphabetical order:
Here follows YAML not in alphabetical order
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