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My Home Office setup

With the current situation for COVID-19, we all working from home there is now a need to set up proper workstations. It is not possible to have a makeshift place anymore. Not only it helps with productivity but it also will prevent any ergonomic issues.

For my workstation, along with utility I have tried to keep it economical as well.


I am using SHW Electric Height Adjustable Computer Desk that I got from Amazon. It has a good range of motion and feels sturdy. As I am trying to keep costs down, this is a basic model I went with. Plus it had good reviews also.

Another way of creating a standing desk is using a wooden counter table top(IKEA one is popular) and then either placing it on cabinet unit or you can get a desk frame.


It's an ergonomic chair with variety of adjustments for personal preference. Have used the same chair at my office also, so petty comfortable with it. It's great value for money.


Its a HP Pavilion 27-inch LED monitor. It has a resolution of 1920 x 1080p @ 60 Hz. For day to day usage it works well for things like email, coding and watching Youtube or Netflix.

With monitors there are tons of choices, but I recommend buying at a minimum a 27".


Anker 5-1 USB-C hub. It adds 2 USB-A ports, 1 HDMI port, a micro SD card slot, and an SD card slot to your MacBook — all from a single USB-C port.

Laptop Stand

This allows the laptop and monitor to be at the same height. I use the laptop for meetings where I need video.


Standard Apple Magic keyboard. Much better typing experience than with the magic keyboard on the macbook pro.


I love Apple Trackpad over their mouse.


Given I am on the Apple eco-system(iPhone, macbook) it made sense to get them. Like how well they are integrated into the iCloud eco-system.


A textured surface massages the soles of your feet for stress reduction. Two-position height adjustment with tilting platform allows for optimum comfort.

iPhone Stand

I also use an iPhone to house the phone while working. Added benefit is that it gets charged(its not wireless though 😉).

Pegboard + container

I also added a pegboard & container to store cables and other random things around.


With WFH for an extended period of time, I went ahead and bought a printer also. I use it for printing any official documents. Another use I am getting out it is printing worksheets for my kids.

Other things I keep handy are a notepad and stickes to take quick notes.

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