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Publishing shinny-ssg Nuget Package

In the last lab of OSD600, I have a chance to publish and release my static site generation application. I chose as my package registry. I have always loved Microsoft documentation as it is clear and easy to follow. This time, I simply followed their instructions and got my package available here.


To start, I needed to set the application's PropertyGroup in the project files

        <Authors>Emily Phan</Authors>
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Then you can use the command line to pack the package:

dotnet pack
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This command generated a .nugkp in the /bin folder.


The next part is publishing the package to
To prepare for that, I created a Nuget account and retrieved the API key. This key is used to identify your account to the Nuget Gallery.
After that, I ran this command to publish Shinny-ssg

dotnet nuget push shinny_ssg.1.0.1.nupkg --api-key <token> --source
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And that was it, my tool was ready to use.


I asked one of my friends to test the tools. We have found a bug in my application. When she ran shinny-ssg -v , she got Multiple options with name "v" found. This is usually due to nested options. I realized that I did implemented the -v|--version twice and I did not specify it right in my Options class. I will fix this issue and update the version.

Publishing the package is a happy ending for the project I have worked on the last 2 months. After this, I understand more about a project's lifecycle: developing, testing and publishing.

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