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Is there any open source headless CMS that support native horizontal scaling?

I'm learning Kubernetes and want to test out the auto scaling, and I think there isn't anything other than a CMS can represent the majority websites today. I spend several days searching on Google. Though it comes some positive results, none of them are open sourced (at least self-hostable).

I know WordPress can be scaled out to serve millions, but the setup is way too complicated.

Things I look for:

  • Headless
  • Native Scaling
  • Small docker container size
  • Decent plugin system for things like OpenID

Things I don't really care:

  • Language
  • Storage system (Flat file/Database)

I will be surprised that if there isn't a FOSS CMS build with these functionalities as micro-services with Kubernetes/EKS are the norm today.

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