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Xmas Card Generator

Jingle Bells !!
YaY Christmas is on the way !!.

Today i have made an interesting automation with python ..

YES ! Its a Christmas card generator where you can make Christmas cards for friends , relatives etc as you wish ..
There are lots of customizable options here !

GitHub logo httpanand / Xmas-Card-Generator

Build Xmas cards with user inputs

⭐ Please star my repo if you like !

Available Options

  • Text Color
  • Canvas Color
  • Canvas Border Color
  • Receiver Name
  • Author Name
  • Header Icons
  • Footer Icons
  • File name

Header Icon Options

  • Santa Hat
  • Xmas Tree
  • Xmas Bell
  • Xmas Boy
  • Xmas Girl
  • Xmas Gift
You can select header icons by inputting corresponding serial number

Footer Icon Options

  • Xmas Train
  • Xmas Sledge
You can select footer icons by inputting corresponding serial number


Merry Christmas to all Dev Folks 🎅
Comment down your review . !

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