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✨ETH Dubai 2023 MetaMask SDK Developer Guide✨

As your team works on ConsenSys and MetaMask bounties for the ETH Dubai Conf, we have prepared the following resources; you can also contact our ConsenSys and MetaMask SDK team members with the links below. 😁

🧙‍♂️ Guillaume Bibeau - MetaMask SDK DevRel
👾 Eric Bishard - MetaMask DevRel
🪩 Lauren Dutton - Infura DevRel


Hackathon Bounty

For the ETH Dubai Hackathon we have $5k max for up to 2 winners ($2.5k each or $5k for one team).

We are looking for submissions that cover one of the four following ideas which utilize at least the MetaMask SDK:

  • Use MetaMask SDK along with other products like our MetaMask API, Infura, Truffle, and/or Ganache to deploy a dApp for hackathon project submissions and smart tagging that is based on code or description. Issuing NFTs or POAPs to participants and winners is a feature that could take your idea to the next level.
  • Build a Web3 dApp to provide tooling for DAOs utilizing the MetaMask SDK and any other ConsenSys products.
  • Make a fun and interactive Unity game or platform MVP that utilizes MetaMask SDK to connect to MetaMask Mobile and have in-game web3 experiences.
  • Create a Web3 dApp platform (maybe DAO or DeFi related) that utilizes the MetaMask SDK and other ConsenSys products.

We judge our bounties based on the number of ConsenSys products used, utility, technical sophistication, fundability, and scalability. The project(s) that keep those attributes in mind and take their submission to the highest level will emerge victorious.

Hackathon Tips 🪄

We seek new and exciting use cases made possible only via the Snaps platform.

Beyond our normal judging criteria, communication of your idea and its features and explaining what your project does and what products and bounties you are applying for is just as important.

Check out Ultimate Hackathon Survival Guide if you are new to hackathons!

Start Here 🎯

To start building a Snap, follow this workshop which implements MetaMask SDK, manages React state for the MetaMask wallet and uses Truffle and Ganache to build locally: MetaMask Workshop.

Examples and Demos ⚙️

Want to see how to implement MetaMask SDK?

There are a few React repositories here with basic implementation:

Building with Infura, Truffle or Ganache

If you are building with ConsenSys products outside of MetaMask SDK we have provided the docs below:


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