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What's New in Angular (2019)

Eric Bishard
Senior Developer Advocate for @Couchbase (NodeJS)
・1 min read

Below are the links of resources I used in my talk at ProgressNext about What's New in Angular.

Referenced Blogs and Articles on Angular

Air France & KLM Angular Upgrade
5 Reasons for Angular Elements
Creating a Successful Meetup at Your Company

NG Conf 2019 Videos

All YouTube Videos from ngConf 2019
The Bazel Opt-in Preview
Angular Elements Make The Best React Components
Day 1 Keynote | Brad Green & Igor Minar
Day 3 Keynote | Stephen Fluin & Misko Hevery
2019: A Schematic Odyssey
Not Every App is a Spa

Angular Project/Team Resources

Angular GitHub Release Page
Update Angular
Angular Next (v8)
Angular Elements Overview

Miscellaneous Links


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