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Switching the lights on: Hugo vs Hugo config files

Hugo Di Francesco on August 17, 2018

A simple Hugo blog setup The story of getting up and running. The tl;dr is the following: I always rave about my blog setup... [Read Full]
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You don't seem to explain any reason for using CloudFlare on top of GitHub pages. Care to elaborate?

  • HTTPS (pretty sure it didn't use to be a thing with custom domains on GitHub pages)
  • CDN
  • DNS

Yea, nowadays GitHub Pages supports HTTPS with custom domains:

DNS is really irrelevant to GitHub - you can handle it anywhere. I generally use e.g. Google Cloud Platform/Azure/AWS's DNS capabilities as they're super cheap and convenient.

And a CDN is probably not going to make a massive difference to your GitHub Pages -website - not sure what you're hosting though hehe.

Anyway, interesting to hear your reasoning.

You're right for most of the above points, I like cloudflare to do almost application level stuff (eg. domain redirect and to be able to set caching policy for assets (GH pages doesn't allow that).

It's not crucial but it's been quite useful to get some stuff done.


Great write-up. I do something similar with Jekyll, having been primarily in the Ruby on Rails back-end world. Great to see folks sharing their setups!

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