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Maybe I shouldn't call them myths but I was thinking more about the things of assumptions one might make before getting into OSS? I might of mentioned in before but things like:

  • Have to be an expert in some field or project before/during contributing:

I don't think this is true (also from personal experience)? Of course you might want to have some kind of baseline and that does shape the kinds of things you can contribute upfront but it's really about sticking with it and progressing in figuring out the kinds of things you like to do. Like I started not knowing git/github that well so maybe I could of learned that first but doing everything on the fly was fine. Everyone who is on the team learned it on the fly, and likewise, Sebastian created Babel to learn about ES6 and compilers. And you don't have to do it alone if you can do it with someone and our help.

  • Popular projects don't need help (they might need even more help because everyone assumes they don't given the popularity), didn't really come up with that many but it seems like a lot of them of barriers to entry.

I will say that we don't make it easy to contribute currently and there is still a huge burden on the maintainers to support new contributors when they come so there's much we can improve on.

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