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Awesome post, I had contact with Prolog at my Computer Science course, I struggled a lot with it. Maybe it's time to go back to it with this book that you recommend to give it another try.

For me every programming language that I experienced changed my life in some aspect.

  • C made me care a lot to resource management.
  • Assembly to understand even more how things work barebone. And also to be graceful for the existence of compilers and interpreters 😄
  • Java to understand the classic design patterns
  • Python to discover my passion for coding, the community, open-source, and to make me express myself with code better.
  • JavaScript and TypeScript helped me so much to understand events and how async work
  • Shell was the gateway to server task automation
  • Now elm developing my passion for functional programming

Each language exposed me to different ways of seeing things ☺


Completely agree. It seems me and you have had very similar learning paths!


Great spirit we should always try to learn something new from a programming language.


Very agree with you. Learnt foxpro and visual foxpro to understand more on data processing.

Learnt BASIC to know about structured thinking and modularity.

I don't have much time to study more. Now i want to learn python.

I glad i read this post on prolog, it challenged my mind and i appreciate this comment, it gives me insight on how the other programming languages bring impacts to you, at least for python. 😁🙏

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