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Discussion on: Resigning with grace

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Resign with grace is most likely just urban legend in IT (Insert "change my mind" meme here). It is always salty and bad - from some(ones) point of view.

But here are a few thing, what is positive:

  • In Sweden, there is a tradition (at least in the area where I live) to have final lunch/dinner with all the colleague where they eat together the leaver favourite food.
  • In Germany, there were a professional courtesy when leaver receive multiple recommendation from colleagues and the company itself. (This one should be normal, but it is not, 99.99% company does not care of an employee, even if they stated that, this only true until its beneficial or inside a comfort zone)
  • In UK, I seen as contractor different companies where the leaver bough some beverages and a cake for the leaving day.

And as the darker side:

  • Many time people just disappear (company set every access off), and then the employee cannot be found (phone/email/personally). I seen this in almost everywhere in EU.
  • Many company - just like a ritual - try to avoid every payment from the leaving moment. Surprisingly, not just small companies but huge conglomerates also try to trick out money from leavers pocket.

Under 20 years, I seen many different things.

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