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Discussion on: You Probably Don't Need a Mac

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Tricky question.
My personal opinion is that, you need a MAC if you work with videos, because it is superior in video cutting, rendering and encoding. For design and graphics (hello adobe & affinity) still a very good choice.
But for development. If you have to produce software for osx/macos/ios... then for sure, no better option.

If you need raw power, then there are way better and cheaper options in the classic PC world.

I used mac when it was the white-bumpy-plastic and it was great. Then I switched - because of company policies - to PC, Linux, Windows ecosystem. Everyone claimed, all the pro-office machine are glorious, but all of 'em was overpriced. A lot. Near it, during time, the quality dropped brutally.

Then when I switched back to consultancy, I bought my first gaming notebook. It had great quality and raw power what compared to desktop performance (i7, 4 core, 8 thread).
It had good dedicated VGA, so video cutting and encoding was not a problem - naturally, the process (rendering, encoding, decoding) was way slower than on MAC.

Then after a couple of years (6 tbe) I bought another one. And did not feel bad about it. It was not cheap, nor expensive (around 1300usd) but I got great amount of power, what came handy if I run several docker instance or working with virtualbox and other performance eater thing.

The real question is, how much conversion do you will realize with MAC? I would like to quote one of my ex-collegue, who went for full time designer/graphic. He bought a pretty expensive macbook pro, and an expensive Wacom digital table. When everyone asked him, why he spend so much money, he just replied: "Under three month I will earn that amount of money back, then the rest of the year will provide me extra cash.".

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