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Visual Studio Tips - Trace Points

Tracepoints are not a new feature, they’ve been in Visual Studio since 2005, but they are a new feature to me. I just stumbled on them while researching for this series of posts. Tracepoints allow you to turn a Breakpoint into what is essentially a call to Debug.WriteLine().

A Tracepoint is just a special kind of Breakpoint that allows you to log a message to the Output window and continue execution. This can be really helpful in situations where stopping at a breakpoint makes reproducing a bug difficult or impossible.

And since Tracepoints are just a kind of Breakpoint, you can also put conditions on them and manage them just like Breakpoints. To learn more about Breakpoints see this post.

To set a Tracepoint, you set a normal breakpoint, then go into the settings of that Breakpoint and check Actions. That will display a textbox for you to create your log message and another checkbox to specify whether execution should stop or continue.

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