How to break elements outside of their container with CSS

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the css class "u-break-out" is scoped to the element childs?

Hey Gilvando, not sure I follow your question exactly, does this make sense below?


// These styles will only be applied to the child elements
// not the grandchild
.c-article__content > * {
  margin-right: auto;
  margin-left: auto;


<div class="c-article__content">
  <p>...</p> <!-- child -->
  <p>...</p> <!-- child -->
  <figure> <!-- child -->
    <img src="" alt=""> <!-- grandchild -->
  <p>...</p> <!-- child -->
  <blockquote> <!-- child -->
    <p>...</p> <!-- grandchild -->
  <p>...</p> <!-- child -->
  <p>...</p> <!-- child -->

Yeah, I'm going crazy. Css is my weakness. Always good to know new things. Thanks for the video.

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