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DPS911 Blog #7: The possible existence of unseen microbial life...AKA undiscovered Posts!

hyperthd profile image Abdulbasid Guled Updated on ・2 min read

Make a donation, save a post life everyday. They deserve love, even if nobody will ever read them.


In today's blog post, we're currently in the middle of midterm week. That means, that I cannot focus on this class alone as I am getting destroyed by linux and cross-platform at the moment. With this in mind, I mentioned last week that I would be getting my post microservice up for review, and I did just that! You can find it here


Does it work? Of course not. It uses files that other services are currently using and should be in for review shortly. I can easily refactor those in and push another PR soon. Also, I'm very inexperienced with Docker, and the showcasing of it in today's review meeting shows that I still have alot to learn.

So, I'll be revising this throughout the weeks ahead and land this in the 1.8 release. I think as long as I can get the dependency services in, this one should be good to go.

In other news, I landed a fix that allows Telescope to process iframe tags that include spotify playlists. You can find that PR here. This PR also updates the test cases so that they work as well. This was a rather quick but annoying fix since I had to actually read html tags which is something that I need to get better at. Also, reading the backend code was a nice change of pace.


Today marks the beginning of Reading Week though! A beautiful time in life where we can to focus on stuff other than school for some time in our life

Alt Text

I won't be slacking off though. Just, taking my sweet, sweet time.

Next time, Telescope 1.8 releases! My big post microservice should hopefully land soon. You all are going to love it! Until then, stay tuned!

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