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SPO600 - Lab 1

Lab 1 requires the selection of 2 open source software packages which run under different licenses, and researching their solutions. Here are my selections.

Trezor Wallet

Trezor Wallet is an open source hardware wallet for storing a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. I personally own a Trezor Model T, and it hasn't disappointed. The wallet is licensed under GPLv3 which means you can use it but you must make your own sources available to the public as well.

They publish everything on their GitHub.

The most recently accepted pull request (23 hours ago) can be seen here. 6 people were needed to check and approve this change.


TaskbarX is an open source software allowing you to customize your Windows taskbar in many different ways. The way in which I use it is to center the icons on the taskbar, rather than having them stick to the left side. They run under the MIT License.

They too publish through GitHub.

The most recently accepted pull request for them was posted 12 days ago and successfully approved. It took 10 days and only one person was needed to do so.

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