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How to Convert Sketch design to UI with Angular/React framework

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Ashfaque Mohammed

How do I convert a design made out of Sketch/Adobe XD to a UI design with Angular/React framework? Is there any plugin/tool to convert them or by building it from scratch? Suggestions please.

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I don't know of any tools that would turn a sketch doc into a working angular component. I believe they have a plugin to make react components however.

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Muhammad Ridho Assuryadi

Do you've try or

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Pete Steven • Edited

You can try Desech Studio to import your sketch project file. This will not be a pixel perfect import. You will need to make slight changes to the margins and sizes.

Then you install the angular and/or react plugin in Desech Studio and then integrate with it. This will allow you to use Desech for managing your html/css, and your favorite code editor for the react/angular code.

Here are the github repositories for the angular and react plugins.