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Inzamam ul Haque
Inzamam ul Haque

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Hbase 'No protocol version header error'

Hi there,

Earlier today, I faced a problem: I had a task that needed python happybase to do the operation on Hbase.

Error mesage screenshot: "No protocol version header error"

I received: “No protocol version header error”

Finally, I resolved this problem after digging up Cloudera docs.

First of all, I have to declare this before going further: the Hbase thrift server was opened before the above issue happened.

I searched for this HBase config setting in CM:


It was checked. In /etc/hbase/conf/hbase-sit.xml, It’s value was ’true’

I found a link:

So, I unchecked it. ( In hbase-sit.xml, it becomes ‘false’ )

Then restarted Hbase service, and problem got solved

I saw a lot of people had this issue, so sharing here in the hope it would be helpful.

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Hardika Bhate

Even after mentioned change am getting same error.